In the Name of the Father


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Before the Spaniards came to the Philippine Islands, Filipinos did not have last names. The Spaniards required last names and first names for baptism. A list of names was provided for them to choose. Some of the last names are the Spanish translation of its English equivalents. These names were given to Filipinos in order to be identical. In our present time, last names can be used for various purposes.

One use is to allow the transfer of properties of the father to the child. It also signifies the passing on of the family’s honor to his child, for him to continue the will of his ancestors. A last name that is the same as the father’s, shows that the child belongs to the bloodline of the father. This tells us that that the father accepts and recognizes the child to be his own.

Interestingly in Queensland, Australia, the procedure of registering the birth of a child of unmarried parents is as follows: 1) the parents of the child should register the birth together. In such a case, the birth certificate will show both the mother’s and father’s details. 2) If only the mother’s details are shown, the father may add his details by filling out a form, and attaching certified proof of his ID documents. 3) He must sign the declaration section of the form in the presence of an adult witness. 4) Then the birth certificate must be returned and changed for replacement. 5) If the birth certificate indicates that the father is “UNKNOWN”, DNA evidence must prove that he is the father of the child.

Here in the Philippines, children are usually allowed to carry the last name of the father only if their parents are married. But a law enacted in 2004, the “Revilla Law” now makes it possible for the illegitimate child to use the last name of his father. The father, however, needs to recognize the child as his own. There must be written proof of this, in the record of birth appearing in the civil register, in a public document or in a private handwritten instrument.

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12 responses to “In the Name of the Father

  1. Ces

    Hi. I just have a question regarding the birth order on the birth certificate. I gave birth to a daughter in 2006 with my then live-in partner (the child is carrying her father’s surname). This year I got married to a different guy and am due to deliver our first-born child, a baby boy, in Oct. What will be his birth order on the birth certificate? Thank you. Hope you can help me on this.

    • Mag apply po kayo ng correction of clerical error para po mareflect ang tamang middle name. Okay lang po na C ang middle initial ang gamitin ninyo. Basta consistent lang po sa lahat ng record ninyo.

      Please call 027051265/027051277 for an appointment with our specialist. Bring all your documents po, so we can advise you accordingly.

  2. janet menor

    GOOD DAY! paano nya po magagamit ang apelyido ng papa nya kung kasal na ito sa unang asawa at ang nakaregister sa nso ay apelyido ng mama nya ng pagkadalaga pero mt acknowledgement na father nya

    • Magfile po sya ng Affidavit to Use the Surname of the Father, na pirmado po ng tatay nya. Iregistro po ito sa LCR kung saan pinanganak.

      Please call 027051265/027051277 for an appointment with our specialist. Bring all your documents po, so we can advise you accordingly.

  3. Marivic Abrogar

    hi po…pwede po ba ifollow up ung BC ng anak ko thru online or tawag po? The Civil Registrar office of Baguio po ay nag padala ng documents sa NSO main office na pwede ng gamitin ng anak ko ang surname ng father nia kahit di pa kami kasal… dahil di pa po ako makapunta punta ng Manila to follow up it,,pwede po bang ifollow up na lang ito thru call? Thanks & God bless 🙂

    • Hindi po nakakapagfollowup through phone. Pwede nyo pong ifollow up sa Baguio Civil Registrar kung ano na pong development sa petition.
      For more details please call us 7051265/7051277. Thank you.

  4. arlyn

    please help me po,naipanganak ko na yun anak ko po bago kami ikinasal naayos ko na po yun birthcert. ng anak ko for legitimation, ang problema yun middle initial ng asawa ko mali po,foreigner po asawa ko,anu po ba dapat gawin?

    • kailangan po mag-file ng petition for correction of clerical error sa munisipyo kung saan ipinanganak ang inyong anak. magdala po kayo ng mga dokumento na nagsasaad ng tamang middle name ng inyong asawa bilang supporting documents sa inyong petition.

  5. say

    posible po ba mapalitan ang surename at fathers name ng baby ko sa birth cirtificate nya?i am married pro hiwalay na kmi,pro surename pa rin ng husband ko ung nilagay ko sa BC ng anak ko khit hnd nmn sya ung totoong father ng baby ko…pls help me

  6. Hello po,,,,, ask lang poh sana ako ….. wala poh kc birthncertificate ang mama ko… may record po kaya xah sa NSO? Need poh kc… Eto po name ng mama ko sa dalaga pa siya….. Tarcila T. Canoy… din sa nag asawa na sila ng father q Tarcila C. Almencion na siya. Salamat poh plz reply

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