Breaking Up and Moving On — The VERified Files Part 2

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Jenny and Keith met at a soiree in their senior year of high school. Jenny and Keith both just turned 18 when they met. Theirs were two strict and conservative families. Their parents specifically told them that books come first, before love. But there was an instant attraction between them, they just could not stay away. They would secretly meet after classes at a nearby mall — eat dinner together, watch movies on occasion, hang out at the ice cream shop.  First love has indeed struck.

But it wasn’t all roses in this love story. Before their graduation day, Jenny found out she was pregnant. She was terrified to let anybody know. Somehow, her mother soon found out. Her mother was so angry, she forbade Jenny to see Keith. On the other hand, Keith’s parents immediately sent him to the United States to attend college there. On his last day in the Philippines, Keith promised Jenny she will come back for her and their child. But that was the last she saw of Keith.

Months after, Jenny gave birth to a lovely baby girl named Jana. When she was about to sign the child’s birth certificate, she saw that her mother had filled up the details, and placed the word “unknown” on the blank for the father’s name. She did not want to start an argument with her mother about Keith, so she signed the document in silent protest.

Jana grew up without knowing her father. Since she entered school, she used Jenny’s surname “San Andres” in all her school records. Jenny would get occasional questions from her daughter about her father. She had always tried to evade the topic, but she knew these questions could not remain unanswered for very long.

On Jana’s 7th birthday, Jenny decided to throw her a huge birthday bash. She invited all of their friends and family, she did not leave anyone uninvited. On the day of the party, an unexpected guest of honor arrived. Keith was there to introduce himself to the family he left behind.

Jenny walked up to face Keith, seven years after their last encounter. She barely recognized Keith, but felt a strange familiarity. They first exchanged pleasantries. Then Keith immediately broke the silence, and jumped at the reason why he resurfaced. He begged Jenny to allow him to become a part of Jana’s life — beginning with allowing the child to use his surname.

He was willing to go any length to get this done. Jenny admitted she left the father’s name on Jana’s birth certificate blank. But then after giving it much thought, she kept Jana’s best interests in mind and agreed to Keith’s proposal.

Keith needed competent advice to make this happen, and get it right. He was then referred to consult with VERified.

After a consultation with one of VERified’s birth certificate specialists, Keith found out that he needed to prepare  papers to prove that: he is acknowledging Jana as her daughter, and that he is allowing her to use her surname “Tamayo”. He then asked that these be drafted for him right away, and brought these documents to the civil registrar where Jana was born.

The civil registrar found these documents to be sufficient, together with Jana’s birth certificate. Soon enough, Jana’s birth certificate bore an annotation that these documents were presented and registered. She now uses the surname Jana San Andres Tamayo.

Meanwhile, Jenny and Keith are now living separate lives, but constantly make it a point to spend quality time with Jana every Sunday afternoon. Eat dinner together, watch movies on occasion, hang out at the ice cream shop…

Another story inspired by true events, brought to you by the VERified Team.







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6 responses to “Breaking Up and Moving On — The VERified Files Part 2

  1. what is the procedure for the wrong date of birth

    • You need to file a petition for correction of date of birth. There are several requirements to submit together with the petition, like government clearances, school records, etc. There is a requirement of publication too.

      For more details on the procedure, requirements, etc., please call 7051265/7051277 . Thank you.

  2. akira

    How to add fathers name ? Does it need court order and appearance of the biological father , pls let me know my baby is 3yrs old now , he has no fathers name on his birth certificate .

    • Hindi po kailangan ng court order, pero kadalasan po required po mag-appear ang biological father at magsubmit ng affidavit na kinikilala nya ang bata bilang anak nya

      For more details please call us at 7051265/7051277

  3. rachel

    Pano mag lagay ng pangalan ng ama sa birthcerticate? kasi po kumuha ako ng ng nso birthcerticate kahapon ng anak ko 3yrs old po sya ngayon eh wala po pangalan ng ama nya sa birthcertificate,apilyedo ko po yong nakalagay.ano pong gagawin namin?

    • Kasal na ho ba kayo ng ama ng bata? Magkaiba po kasi ang solusyon, depende po kung kasal ang mga magulang o hindi

      Please call 027051265/027051277 for an appointment with our specialist. Bring all your documents po, so we can advise you accordingly.

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