Breaking Up and Moving On: The VERified Files (Part 1)


Who says civil registration is a boring subject? Every single bit of family history, about love, breaking up, moving on is captured on paper. The birth, marriage or death certificate records every happy and painful moment in your life, along with your family’s juiciest secrets, believe it or not.

In this series of blog posts entitled Breaking Up and Moving On: The VERified Files, you will find interesting stories of how these documents issued by the NSO and the Local Civil Registrar are not mere pieces of paper. They tell you a story — the story of your life.

“To Love Again” — The Story of Helen

Helen’s marriage was annulled in 2005.  Since then, she began using her maiden name, switched her relationship status on Facebook to “single”, and started dating. After a series of bad first dates, she met Johnny through a common friend. They hit it right off, became a couple and decided to get married three years after. In September 2009, they applied for a marriage license. It was then that Helen found out that she is still not allowed to remarry. According to the civil registrar, her annulment was not yet “final”. She was advised to have the decision registered, and her previous marriage certificate “cancelled”. She feared all wedding preparations will go to waste, because of this technicality. At that point, she was at a loss. She then consulted VERified, and sought advice.

After her personal consultation with VERified, Helen learned that it is true, the annulment of her previous marriage does not end with the court decision. The law in fact states that the court order needs to be registered with the civil registrar of the place where the court is. After this step, her court documents and proof of the registration will be brought to the civil registrar of the place where the marriage was celebrated. It is only then that the marriage certificate gets cancelled. When Helen and Johnny applied for a marriage license, the cancelled marriage certificate was one of the requirements that they presented to the civil registrar.

Fast forward to 2013, Helen and Johnny are now happily married and with a 3 year old son named Liam. Best wishes to the happy couple!

For other similar problems, set up an appointment with us. Please call 7051265 or 7051277.



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8 responses to “Breaking Up and Moving On: The VERified Files (Part 1)

  1. Tin

    Hi 🙂 me and my fiance wants to get married in the church next year. My annulment was finalized this year and registered to NSO already. I was told by the church that i need to secure a clearance from the diocese before i can get married in the church even if i was just married thru civil rites before. Is this something you can help me with? Thank you!

  2. Cristina

    Got my annulment done in cotabato last 2010 pero May 2012 na forward ng LCR ang marriage contract ko sa nso. After a year wala pa rin akong record sa nso about sa annulment ko. Sabi ng friend ko hindi na daw nag accept ang nso ng annulment finality from cotabato kasi na disbarred na ang judge. Ano po ang pweding gawin kasi legit naman akong nag file ng annulment. Thanks

  3. charlie sanidad

    i want to know if i have a record of my birt certificate this is charlie segundo sanidad

    • Please apply for a birth certificate directly with the NSO

      Please call 027051265/027051277 for an appointment with our specialist. Bring all your documents po, so we can advise you accordingly.

  4. jocelyn garcia molibas

    good day, i am jocelyn paanu po magpa cancel ng marriage for muslim almost 10 years na kc kming hiwalay ndi nagsasama.gusto ko sana ipawalang bisa yun kc wala namn kmi pareho mga pirma doon pinagawa lang yun don sa pikit cotabato ang marriage license na un.pls. give me advice and instructions and requirements.tnx

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