The Late Registration Trap

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One of the worst nightmares I had as a birth certificate specialist was when I dreamt and found out that I had three birth certificates! Each one bore a different name, different sets of parents, places of birth, etc. Worst of all, I could not access the one that I’ve been using since I entered school.

I woke up and was so thankful it was just a dream. But this nightmare is a reality for many others.

For some, they go through late registration, under the assumption that they do not have a birth record. But they find out later that they do.

But for most, they find out that there are errors in their first birth certificate. Due to lack of awareness of civil registration procedures, they undergo late registration to correct these errors.

In our experience as birth certificate specialists, we find out that there is a big misinformation about the process of late registration. This procedure should be resorted to, only when it is certain that you do not have a birth record, both with the civil registrar where you were born AND with the NSO. When your birth record is not found in the NSO database, you will receive a Negative Certification of Birth, much like the one you see below

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But what if, you do have a birth record, only that you find some errors in it? And the advice that you got from your research is to undergo late registration to get an error free birth certificate?

This will actually create more problems for you. Because the NSO database will only issue the birth certificate that was registered earlier. The second birth certificate will be “locked”. The only way to “unlock” it is through a court order, cancelling the first birth certificate. And as many of us know, a court order will entail lawyers’ fees, court expenses, and months, or even years of waiting.

Knowing is really half the battle. And when seeking advice regarding birth certificate concerns, make sure you get the correct one. Because if something goes wrong, undoing that mistake is a bigger headache than making it.

A friendly reminder from your birth certificate specialists from VERified 🙂



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101 responses to “The Late Registration Trap

  1. jess galicia

    Is it possible to get birth certificate without supplying mothers name? The nso is asking the name of the mother but we dont know. We like to get the birth certificate of my wife’s former live in partner who passed away already whom she had a child. Thanks.

    • No. According to the law, the records of a person’s birth shall be kept strictly confidential. No information shall be issued except upon the request of the person himself of his relatives by blood or the court.

  2. Charles Rojo

    sir/mam, can the NSO trace where, a certain BC, was registered?

    • Yes sir. The NSO can trace where the BC was registered because ideally all birth certificates are registered in the place of birth of the person. The place of birth, where the Local Civil Registry is also located appears in the upper part of the BC

  3. Maria TeRhessa B. Park

    Pls help me how can i cancel the first registration of my first child birthcert. I never registered it fromthe time ahe ws born. When i was about to, the one i registered late is locked due to there is a recors under my name and the same address, whereas the indicated fatther of the child was different and unknown to me. I am happily married and i am not sure who the hell had done this. May i ask the procedure to cancel it, where should i start to lodge the complain and how much will it costs me. Thanks.

  4. may impas

    sir/mam,where can i apply a late registration?.

  5. Del

    Hi. We’ve already went through the process of securing my mother’s late and out-of-town registration last 2010. However, up to now, we don’t know if it was successfully filed because as per the LGU where we filed the out-of-town registration, they’re still awaiting for response from my mom’s birth town (Basilan). How do we go about this?

    • Please ask the LGU if there is a way to contact the civil registrar of Basilan. Three years is a long time to wait for feedback.

      You could also avail of our late registration service, to assure that your documents are taken care of by competent individuals in this kind of procedure. Please call 7051265/7051277 for details.

  6. claire

    How much is the cost if I am going to cancel my first registered birth certificate because i am using my 2nd late registered birth certificate? All my documents information were based on my 2nd birth certificate that’s why I want to cancel the first one. In the first one, I have no name and my surname is my mothers surname while in the 2nd one, i have my name and my fathers surname which is I am using..

    • Best to contact a lawyer to advise you on costs.

      • claire

        My first birthcertificate has a different info on my 2nd birthcertificate.

        1st birthcertificate info:
        – no name, my mom’s surname
        – they were not married
        – i was born in fabella hospital manila
        – my father’s name is just his nickname, his real name is rogelio instead of roger

        2nd birthcertificate info (the one i am using since)
        – i have a complete name with my father’s surname
        – i was born in pampanga (hilot)
        – they were married (but the real was they were not)
        – late registered for 5 yrs
        – my father’s name is just his nickname, his real name is rogelio instead of roger

        I discovered that i have a 1st registered BC when i got passport. It requires certified true copy of NSO bc. My original nso copy (2nd bc) was issued to me last 2006. I gave it to the NSO. I want to have an extra original copy so i requested online for a new copy, i was surprised when they delivered a wrong nso which they said its my original nso bc. The 2nd one was already locked and not valid anymore. I want to retain the 2nd late registered BC coz all my personal documents info were based on it. (philhealt , sss, pag ibig, life insurance, bank,passport, diploma).

        What should i do? What are the possible solutions? I need your legal advise.

  7. Susan Santiago

    How do I go about acquiring my 92 year-old widowed father’s BC via late registration which is being required by GSIS for his survivor’s benefits? He already has a certification from the Local Civil Registrar from Cabanatuan City, Nueva Ecija that his birth records had already been destroyed by the war. He barely remembers any details except for his parents’ names

    • The registration should be done in Cabanatuan. The civil registrar is likely to relax documentary requirements. But they will most likely ask for supporting documents.

  8. Prescious De Nava

    Good Day mam /sir,

    Can we file a delayed registration here in Cavite for my father though he was born on Catanduanes?

    • Yes you may do so.

      You may also call our office for an appointment with a birth certificate specialist so we can explain the procedure in more detail. Here are our numbers, 7051265/7051277. Thank you

  9. cho

    bkit malocked yun bc d ba nso na rin nag sabi na mag pa late register ksi nga negative ka sa knila tpos ilolocked nila yun 2nd bc mo dhil may kaparehas cla may kasalanan niyan

  10. ed shuck

    what would you suggest? the hospital did not submit the COLB to be registered, so a late registration was done , which is full of errors . like age of father, religion,, the hospital has the TRUE BC and they can submit to, what problems will i have?e

    • These errors could be corrected as clerical, in the place where you were born.

      You may call our numbers 7051265/7051277 to set an appointment with one of our birth certificate specialists to receive a full assessment, and complete advice on the procedure. Thank you

      • ed shuck

        even an error on nationality is a clerical error?
        ok will try to call again, seems i have called at the wrong time or on break

      • If it is an error in nationality, then this needs to be corrected in court

      • ed shuck

        regarding ERRORS,i, if the city is wrong, if the person who delivered was wrong. if the age of father is wrong, religion is wrong,, can that be corrected in city registry ? or must have court case filed? and how long does that take? costs involved?,, as previously stated its a “FAKE” yet true NSO birth record

    • ed shuck

      let me clarify better the one that was submitted i believe is a fake,
      as it the birth was a “hilot”not a doctor. 2.born in clinic not hopsital
      3 wrong city as wrong religion,age of father.
      again thanks

      • If the birth certificate you have is fake, most probably this record does not exist in the NSO archives. Please request a birth certificate copy from them, through its outlets, or through their delivery service 02-7371111.

      • ed shuck

        If the birth certificate you have is fake, most probably this record does not exist in the NSO archives.
        have obtained such NSO it is a real copy from does exist at the NSO archives. ..
        it has errors as “hilot” not the real doctor that delivered the child.
        it was given that it was born in “clinic: which is NOT true. as hospital was the real situation. and wrong city, age of father.
        would this still be considered a “fake” or incorrect” COLB;

      • If the NSO has a record of this document, then it is not fake, but an incorrect one

  11. ed shuck

    another question, i am inquiring on a late registration, and i am told i need a Baptismal certificate . what is the purpose if i am not a catholic or active member of any church?

  12. joan

    good day!!
    1. which is better to do correct the 1st BC or cancellation of the 2nd BC(late registration?
    2. Does correcting the surmane require judicial process? my family name is SAYAGO but in my birth certificate it is SIAZO.

  13. ic

    before i was able to get the right bc from nso…but lately they gave me bc which is the first registry though the same of the father is not the same but somwhat similar…how to get the right BC?

    • IF you have more than one birth record with the NSO, you will need to have the first registration cancelled, to be able to access the second one. The cancellation should be done in court, through a lawyer. Best to consult one for other details on how to proceed

  14. narcolesia

    Had 2 birth certificates.
    BC1-never used, only found out before I applied for a job that requires this(gov’t)
    BC2-used till I graduated, got employed etc.was able to travel to Asian countries using BC2 only.

    Hired a lawyer, went to court proceedings. Took me a year and it isn’t done. It is frustrating but this is Philippines. Had my DNA testing and the court order sent to civil registry.
    My lawyer said the Civil registry (NSO?) needs another more paperwork.
    My question is, how long should I be waiting tentatively, and what other document is needed when it has the court order already?
    Thank you! I found this link very helpful so I thought I’d give it a shot to ease my worries:)

    • Has the court issued a decision?

      Has the decision been registered?

      Several questions need to be answered so we can assess the problem completely.

      Might be best for you to give us a call so u can set up a consultation with one of our birth certificate specialists please call us 7051265/7051277.

      Thank you.

      Thank you.

  15. yori yamamoto

    my mom registered me with a middle name of baylosis. so it is also her surname registered in my birth certificate. it’s her mother’s surname. it was just last month that she got her birth certificate from nso and she found out that baylosis is her middle name and her registered surname is tolio. i’d like to correct my middle name and her surname to tolio in my birth certificate. how would that be?

  16. archie

    ask ko lang po ksi regarding sa BC ko sa NSO.
    Last 2 yrs kumuha ako ng BC sa NSO yung naka print lng dun is Half lang ng buong BC. then last yr kumuha ulet ako ang binigay naman na print na BC naman sken yung full page na the prob is yung sa full page na BC yung name ko sa ilalim na Hand written is iba sa naka type sa itaas. yung naka type is Archie tapos yung sa baba n nka hamd written is Arohia. then nag punta ako sa munisipyo nmen binigyan ako ng orig copy ng records ko dun Yung BC ko dun wala po hand written na nakasulat sa ilalim ng BC ko. sbe nila baka sa NSO daw ang nag ka mali baka nilagyan nila ng sulat yung mga blank sa ilalim. sbe namn sa NSO sa munisipyo daw ang mali kc di nmn daw nila binabago yun.
    then pinaayos ko na sa main office nila yung BC ko naka ilang balik din ako at tawag for follow up almost 4months din yun .
    and now need ko nanamn kumuha ng new BC sa NSO what if untill now di pa din nila naaayos BC ko balik nanamn step 1 ang action ko?

  17. ask ko lang,,noon kumuha ako ng BC sa NSO Pampanga nkuha ko un una register ko..tpos ng pa verify un agency ko Nakuha nila un late register ko sa Manila..ano po un totoo sa knila???

  18. Jaime

    I was born in Malaysia but my brother had me late registered here in LCRO bearing my birthplace here in the Philippines and with some erroneous informations. Lately the DFA Consular Records Division sent me a letter that my report of birth was indorsed already to NSO with the registration date, despatch #, and reference # but when I applied to get my birth cert at NSO the late registration is the given to me. How can I get my Malaysia report of birth through NSO. How can we unlock my problem and how much i am gonna spend for this. Thank you.

    • If your two records (locally registered, and Malaysia registered)are locked, the only remedy is a cancellation of the registration in the Philippines. And this needs to be done through court

      • laila

        my problem in my NSO issued BC is that it has a space separating my last name. my last name is Oli**** and in my BC it appears as Oli_****. and the middle name of my mother is lanes instead of lecciones. what should i do?

      • Pwede po naman itong icorrect as clerical errors sa civil registrar where you were born.

        For more details on the procedure, you may call our office at 7051265/7051277

  19. norman margasino

    my propblema po ako sa bc ko tungkol sa apillyedo ko na.margasino.and bc is margarsinio.i try to get my father bc.pero positive naman.pero sa kanyang died certificate ay margasinio.ang daladala ko apillyedo ay margasino ganun din sa anak ko na nag pitition sa akin sa u.s ano dapat kung gawin.thanks.

  20. ladydiggers

    good day mam/ sir
    tanong ko lang po, kasi po yun BC ng sister ko ay late registration tapos wrong speling yun name nya na dapat ay jessica tapos nakalagay sa BC ay jesseca tapos po yun birt date nya ay feb 7 1999 eh nakalagay sa BC po nya ay 1996

  21. somalug

    good day maam/sir,,ask ko lang po anung dapat kung gawin,i have three reords in nso, is that need a court para ma cancelled yong dalawa,saka pwede ba file ng petition while residing in abroad and gaanu po katagal ang proseso and how much the cost.need your reply po ASAP..SALAMAT PO.

  22. how can i regester my BC through online?

  23. maryannso

    my problem po sa Birth cert ng mga anak ng anak ko. tig 2 po, kambal sila,. yun BC1 may acknowledging father na nakalagay ndi ko alam sino mag register. dun at hindi naman yun ang tunay na father, tapos yun BC 2 late registration yun po ang gamit nila. ano gagawin ko, wala po nakalagay na father dun sa BC2, yun po ang talagang ni register nami ko, paano po gagawin para pa cancel yun unang birth certificate.Sino lawyer amng pwede kong lapitan? salamat po.

  24. Saring

    Hello, Can you refer a good lawyer who can I consult with regarding the birth cert of my cousin which has been locked because she has 2 late registered birth cert in NSO? The second one, which was locked, is the one she’s using ever since and all of her records (school, baptismal, employment) are based on her 2nd birth cert. The first name, birthday, & birthplace from first birth cert is different from the 2nd birth cert. Now, we need to cancel the first birth cert in order to unlock and access the 2nd birth cert. She is a permanent resident in other country since 2004 (if im not mistaken) and her passport will expire this year. She cannot renew it because she cannot get a copy of her 2nd birth cert. Thank you.

  25. ju

    I am an illegitimate child, was using my mother’s middle and surname until high school. When i asked for my NSO BC ,walang record. My mother filed a late registration but this time since i am illegitimate hindi na nilagay ang middle name nya. Wala nakong middle name since then. Was able to secure passport last 2007, nka alis ako ng country and even renewed it na.
    Problem is, I applied for a Taiwan tourist visa recently and since my BC was late registered, they are asking for more proof of identity. SSS ID, Voters ID or yearbook lang ang iaaccept nung consul. Yung sss ko merong middle name ko, I am now worried if makita nila na may middle name ako dati eh lalo maquestion ung identity ko. hndi naman ako registered until now so i cant get voters id, even magparegister ako hndi din aabot matagal daw marelease ung id. yearbook i have middle name pa din.
    nalilito nko and dko na alam what to produce. should i give them my sss and provide additional requirements or proof na ako din un? thanks

    • Good afternoon, Sir/Ma’am!

      Una po, dapat magsubmit po kayo ng consistent records sa consul. Dapat po identical yung name mo dun sa supporting documents at dun sa birth certifcate, kung hindi, magkakaron ka po ng problema dun. Ang maisa-suggest po namin ay kumuha po kayo ng ibang government id na nagpapakita ng parehas na pangalan sa government id at birth certificate mo. Para po sa karagdagang impormasyon, maaring tumawag sa numerong ito 7051265/7051277. Maraming salamat po!

  26. larah

    what are the requirements needed para mkapagapply ng birth certificate?my mother is 53 years old and since then wala po syang birth certificate kumuha po ako sa nso at negative copy po ang lumabas gusto po sana nming iaaply cya ng birth certificate pero d po nmin alam kung san magsisimula she was born at lunas looc romblon sana po maituro nyo po sa amin yung step by step process para magkaroon n cya ng birth certificate

    • Pwede niyo po puntahan ang civil registrar kungnsaan ipinanganak ang inyong inay at itanong kung mayroon po silang record ng kapanganakan ng inyong inay. Kung sakali po na meron, endorsment po ang proseso na inyong kinakailangan. Kung mayoon po kayong dagdag na katanungan o nais niyo ng karagdagang tulong maaring tumawag po sa+63 2 7051265/ +63 2 7051277 / +639178988975 +639189594112/ +639335566809

  27. marissa29

    good afternoon, paano po ba ipaaccess un 2nd bc ko na block? yong po kasi ang ginagamit ko ever since,, ang mali doon sa 2nd bc ay ang first name ko,,,magkaiba sa ist bc at 2nd,bc,saan po ba ako lalapit kc nasa pampanga po ako pwedi ko po bang ipaayos sa nso ng pampanga,,,thank you,,,

    • Maari nyo pong ipa-cancel ang unang birth certificate nyo sa Regional Trial Court kung saan nakarehistro ang birth certificate nyo. For more information you may call us at +6327051265/+6327051277

  28. maricel

    sir/mam,where can i apply a late registration?.
    pwede po ba na ng apply sa inyo ng late registration?? kc po ung papa ko sa abra pa po pinanganak nagun po dito kme sa montalban rizal.. thanks

    • Good Day po Ma’am. Pwede po kayong mag-apply ng Out-of-town reporting of birth sa Montalban, Rizal. Para sa karagdagang impormasyon tumawag lang po sa +6327051265/+6327051277.

  29. maricel

    good day ask ko lang din po kung magkano ang babayaran kapag clerical errors one letter lng po.. thank

    • Ang Filing fee po ay Php1000. Maaari pong humingi ng additional charges ang L.C.R. na maaaring umabot sa Php500. Para sa karagdagang impormasyon tumawag po sa +63227051265/+6327051277

  30. Cai

    hi, nag file ang fiance ko ng AUSF para magamit ng anak namin yung surname niya. upon pick up ng BC, may nakita na unang registration with the same mother’s name, my address with a different father’s name. ako yung mother pero hndi ako aware na may nag file ng ganon kasi late registered anak ko since nasa wala na an father niya. pwede p b mawala yung unang naifile na BC ng anak ko and magamit namin yung BC niya today with AUSF? Pls reply tnx

    • Kailangan po macancel yung unang BC na may ibang father’s name para po maaccess ang BC na ginagamit nya. We will need more details on your child’s case to give a full assessment.

      Please call 027051265/027051277 for an appointment with our specialist. Bring all your documents po, so we can advise you accordingly.

  31. ana

    good day mam and sir!ask q lang po kung ano ang dapat qng gawin.yong apelyedo po kase ng papa ko ay DOSPUEBLOS,tapos, sa LCRO po ay DUSPUEBLOS ang nung nag request aq nang nso niya DOSPUEBLOS ang gjinamit ,ko…tapos negative po….wla pong siyang record…ano po ba ang dapat kong gawin?ano kaya talaga ang naka record sa kanyang NSO?

    • Kahit po wrong spelling ito, lalabas pa rin po ang birth certificate nya kung may record po sya. Baka po kailangan sya mag-undergo ng late registration

      Please call 027051265/027051277 for an appointment with our specialist. Bring all your documents po, so we can advise you accordingly.

  32. Digi

    Good pm. I have a problem with my son’s birth certificate. Ang first BC nya sa Manila registered 1999. Di po kami married ng father at wala pong nilagay na name of father dun sa BC ng anak ko, then ang second BC nya sa Pozorrubio which is late registered. noong 2002 Ung 2nd na registration po nya andun po ung name ng father at inacknowledge po nya ung anak ko pero ang ginagamit nya paring last name ung last name ko.. At ung 2nd na birth certificate nya na ang ginamit namin sa lahat ng documents nya ung nagamit namin sa schools at pati sa passport nya ngaung magrerenew na kami dina kami makakuha ng 2nd BC nya. Ano po ang gagawin ko para lumabas ung 2nd BC ng anak ko? Sino po pwedeng tumulong sa akin para maayos po ito

    • Kung dalawa po ang rehistro ng bata, kelangan pong icancel ang maling birth certificate. Kailangan po sa korte ito gawin, sa tulong po ng abogado.

      Please call 027051265/027051277 for an appointment with our specialist. Bring all your documents po, so we can advise you accordingly.

  33. Magandang araw po!! mag tatanong lang po ako regarding sa NSO ko po kasi middle name at surname pa rin ng mama ko yung nkalagay sa NSO ko pagka kuha ko.. Eh yung ginagmit ko pong apelyido yung sa papa ko late registered po ako. Eh nuon po kasi ang gamit ko lang eh yung original BC ko na nakasaad nman yung apeliyado ng papa ko kaya yun ang ginagamit ko po. Pagtapos nung kumuha ako ng NSO eh apelyedo po ng mama ko sa pgka dalaga parin yung naka lagay.. Ano po ang mga maari kung gawin para dito. MAghihintay po ako sa inyong sagot. salamat 🙂

    • Dalawa po ang registro ninyo, dapat po ipacancel yung maling registro sa korte, sa tulong po ng abogado.

      Please call 027051265/027051277 for an appointment with our specialist. Bring all your documents po, so we can advise you accordingly.

  34. Ericka

    Good Day,

    Ask Lang Po, Gusto Po Kase Nung Boyfriend Ko Mgpa Late Registration, Kaso Hindi Po Sya Dito Sa Antipolo Pinanganak Sa Misamis Oriental, Gingoog City Pwede Po Ba? Hindi Po Kase Naasikaso Ng Magulang Nya Yung Pagpaparehistro Sknya Nung Maliit Palang Sya.

    • Pwede naman po magparehistro sa Antipolo, pakisabi nalang sa Civil Registrar na gusto nya mag-out of town reporting of birth.

      Please call 027051265/027051277 for an appointment with our specialist. Bring all your documents po, so we can advise you accordingly.

  35. ana

    good day tatanong ko lng kng ano dapat gawin kng nagkaroon ng double registration ang bc kc nag request ako ng bc lumabas iba ang name sabi may double registration dw, ano po dapat gawin? at saan dapat pumunta

    • Court case po ito, kumunsulta po kayo sa abogado para dito.

      Please call 027051265/027051277 for an appointment with our specialist. Bring all your documents po, so we can advise you accordingly.

  36. gud eve po..ano pong gagawin ko ang ginagamit kung pangalan ay late registered pti sa marriage contract ko at iba png dokomento ko.ngyn kumuha po ako ng NSO ang lumabas na name ko ay yung una png name na pinarehistro ng tatay ko sa cainta ksi akla po nya nasunog na record ko ksi nsunog dw po ang NSo sa cainta.kylngan kopo kumuha ng pasport kc mg aabroad ako kso yung unang name ko ang lumalbas na hndi ko nmn gngamit yung pinalate registered ng tatay ko hndi po lumalabs ano po bng mgndnag gawin hndi po kya naprocess yung late registered ko na pngalan sa NSO kc my una na akong record plss,,reply po…

    • Kailangan po ipacancel yung unang registro sa korte, sa tulong ng abugado.

      Please call 027051265/027051277 for an appointment with our specialist. Bring all your documents po, so we can advise you accordingly.

  37. Addi

    Good day. I have a problem regarding my father birth certificate. He had 2 registration the 1st one is incorrect while the 2nd one is the one he is using. throughout years he have no problem regarding this one because he can easily get an original copy of his 2nd birth certificate but then after he consumed the last copy of his original birth certificate (2nd bc) and requested for a new one NSO gave him his 1st birth certificate which is incorrect. He still have a xerox copy of his 2nd birth certificate which he is using throughout his years. Is it possible to unlock the 2nd birth certificate by showing a xerox copy to show that it is the one he is using with all his records?

    • Para po maunlock ang 2nd birth certificate, hindi po enough na mag-present ng 1st certificate. Kailangan po maicancel ito sa korte, sa tulong ng abogado.

      Please call 027051265/027051277 for an appointment with our specialist. Bring all your documents po, so we can advise you accordingly.

  38. Nkapag file na po ako ng report of birth ng anak kong na isilang sa Bahrain noong 2008 through the help of my sister kasi umuwi na po kaming mag-asawa sa pinas. In fact nakuha ko na po ang dispatch number SSG-237-2014 , Reference Number 0011399 , Transmittal Date 9 January 2014 ngayon pagpunta ko sa NSO pasig nag advise na naman sila sa akin na bumalik ngayong 20 February2015 , Tanong ko po kasi sabi ng kapatid ko na after 2 months daw mula date of application ( May 5, 2014 ) pwede na i verify sa NSO ngayon noong pumunta ako ng DFA sa MOA kasi kinuha ko yong dispatch number ang sabi ng officer doon na ” punta ka na sa NSO sir ” kaya dumiretso ako sa NSO and yon ang sabi nila ” balik ka sa February 20 kasi January 9 pa daw na transmit galing sa DFA.

    • Sa NSO Main Office sa East Avenue po na kayo dumiretso at ipakita nyo po ang documents na meron kayo.

      Kung gusto nyo po ng karagdagang tulong, please contact our office at 7051265/7051277 for an appointment with a specialist. Bring your documents so we can advise you accordingly.

      Thank you.

  39. I want to ask for an advice na trap din po ako sa double registrtion. Yung name na ginagamit ko ever since yun na sa lahat ng record dti sa city hall kmi nkakuha ng bc correct nman sya kya all the records ko yung name ko ang gmit ko pero mga year 1996 nung kumuha ako ulit sa city hall yung maricris naging marilyn bdate ko instead of oct. 27 nging oct 26 then first time ko kumuha ng bc sa nso yung maling data na ang lumabas nag seek ako ng advice somebody from the municipal hall ang suggest nya late registration which i did nagamit ko nman kc yung ang accurate. Kaso instead na manila yung birthplace ko naipa register ko bacoor kasi sa bacoor talaga kmi nakatira kaso ngayon d n ako makakuha ng 2bc ko nandito na ako sa guam ngayon kaso ang fear ko bka d na ako makapag renew ng passport bka pag na fing out ng us na meron akong 2 bc i pa deport ako pls. help me I dont know what to do please reply.

  40. Tatanong ko lang po Kong may record na po ako sa nso 2month from now bago po na indors na…

  41. shirley

    Pede back mgpalate registered as Bulacan pinanganak AQ sa Samar calbayog?

    • Yes pwede naman po, kung sa Bulacan po kayo nakatira. Irequest nyo po doon na magpapa-out of town late registration po kayo. For more details, please call 7051265/7051277. Thanks.

  42. Laiza Shyn Granzo

    Hi verified!

    Would like to be enlightened and get advises from your end.

    I was registered by the midwife without the knowledge of my parents but mother unnoticedly signed it. Later they found out that all infos were wrong from their names down to my name. From laiza shyn granzo it was wrongly filed as *lysa syn granjo*.

  43. Laiza Shyn Granzo

    I was late registered by my parents. Later we found out that the midwife already filed my bc at the local civil registrar. All this time i was using mg late reg bc. What should i do?

    • Ideally you need to cancel the other record to obtain only one birth certificate.Para sa karagdagang impormasyon maari po kayong tumawag sa 09178988975 09189594112 7051277 7051265

  44. Hi,

    We recently discovered that the nationality of my father is wrong in NSO records but error in nationality cannot be filed under clerical errors. I’ve read in one of your responses that this can only be done in court, would you know what case we should file for this and what supporting documents we need to present? As well as the cost?

    Thank you for your assistance.

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